How To Sell On Amazon

Learn The 5 Best Kept Secrets For Selling On Amazon

1. Learn Amazon’s Guidelines and rules.
You need to go to the help section and review Amazon’s rules. If you follow the rules, you will never have your account banned by Amazon is a great platform to build a business.

2. Make sure you use the Right Fulfillment Service

Let Amazon handle all the fulfillment service for you. You just have to get the right inventory to them. Amazon will handle packaging, shipping and returns. They have great customer service.


3. Know your Pricing Strategy and Promotions

Try to find unique products and you can earn more money because of less competition.

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4.  Your Margins will make or break your business

What’s the best price to sell your item. How do you determine the sweet spot to maximize your total return.


5. Study and Understand Amazon’s Seller Central

You can really track your business and find out what is working and how to improve it.


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